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Skunked at the Tribeca Film Festival

For Mother's Day, I took my wife and sons, along with some friends, to the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan yesterday.

This was my first time at the film festival (in fact, it was my first film festival ever) and I wasn't sure where it was or what to expect.

With the help of the internet, I was able to get program info as well as a subway map showing the route from Penn Station down to the festival locations.

The festival was centered around a UA Theater near the World Trade Center site. Lots of folks were there, waiting on long lines to see the films. My younger son and I wanted to see the samurai film Zatoichi but it was already sold out. So we waited on another line for Crazy Legs only to find out that it too was sold out.

On the positive side, the weather was great so we ended up walking around lower NYC and found an Irish pub called Biddy Early where we stopped for dinner. The Guinness was tasty. After that we walked to Chinatown for …
Law vs Love

At Mass recently, Fr. Nick gave a most interesting homily about law vs love.

In Jesus' day, he said, the Sanhedren represented the law. Jesus, in contrast, was about love.

Fr. Nick (who teaches law at a college here in NJ) explained that the law tells you what to do and what not to do. The law coerces you into obedience and compliance by threat of sanction.

Love too is about obedience but not in the way that law is. Love is about having right relationships with God and your neighbor. Jesus taught that neighbor includes everyone in the world: not just your your family and friends, but also those ones who live in enemy territory.

In today's world, Fr. Nick observed that the Pope and the Church have slipped into the sad state of being like a modern Sanhedren, wagging the stern finger of law and obedience at American Catholics.

Somehow, Fr. Nick said, the Church has lost the spirit of Vatican II that Pope John XXIII started back in 1962 which attempted to reinvigorate…
Stern = WMD?
Are you a fan of radio "shock jock" Howard Stern? In case you've been asleep during the recent culture war, it appears that he may be the biggest anti-Bush "weapon of mass destruction" currently on the scene. AlterNet: Culture War May Find WMD
Ah, Central New Jersey!

Yes, I live in New Brunswick, the "hub city" of Middlesex County, not far from New York, not far from Philadelphia. New Brunswick is noted for being the home of Rutgers, as well as the world headquarters of Johnson & Johnson.
Saw the Broadway show Wicked last week and boy was it good!

Two of the stars, Kristen Chenoweth (who plays Glinda) and Idina Menzel (who plays Elphaba) have been nominated for Drama Desk awards.