Law vs Love

At Mass recently, Fr. Nick gave a most interesting homily about law vs love.

In Jesus' day, he said, the Sanhedren represented the law. Jesus, in contrast, was about love.

Fr. Nick (who teaches law at a college here in NJ) explained that the law tells you what to do and what not to do. The law coerces you into obedience and compliance by threat of sanction.

Love too is about obedience but not in the way that law is. Love is about having right relationships with God and your neighbor. Jesus taught that neighbor includes everyone in the world: not just your your family and friends, but also those ones who live in enemy territory.

In today's world, Fr. Nick observed that the Pope and the Church have slipped into the sad state of being like a modern Sanhedren, wagging the stern finger of law and obedience at American Catholics.

Somehow, Fr. Nick said, the Church has lost the spirit of Vatican II that Pope John XXIII started back in 1962 which attempted to reinvigorate the message of love that Jesus taught.


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