Improving organizational performance

Someone recently asked (at an online discussion group that I belong to) what one skill could be taught to workers that would improve organizational performance. Though a broad question, it intrigued enough of us that a lot of good responses came tumbling in, including learning, listening, communicating, and many others.

Thinking about this question, it occured to me that organizations, regardless of their diverse purposes, all have one thing in common: they exist to serve somebody, some customer (or client). Therefore, they all need members to be skilled in service delivery.

If you break "service delivery" down into its component skills, you get a number of skill areas including job skills, process management & improvement, problem solving, teamwork, and customer service.

Someone replied: "At my shop, the person soldering chips on fiberglass printed circuit boards for delivery to the warehouse probably his little or no use for training in process management; rather, he or she needs training in his or her process."

I wonder, though, if that fellow, who is soldering chips all day, ever has any ideas on how to improve things around the shop or in the Company?

Some years ago, there was a great article called "Staple Yourself to an Order" that reinforced in me the belief that any worker, if given the opportunity (including training in process management & improvement), can come up with improvement ideas.


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