Now that Bush has won, what can we look forward to for the next four years?

As a voter who decided to cast my vote for change, I am disheartened and disappointed that Bush won re-election. Though I was quite unenthusiastic about Kerry (what a stiff, so boring), I felt that we needed change.

I heard a guy being interviewed, on a New York area radio talk show the other day, who said, "I don't understand my fellow Americans who voted for Bush." I guess I am in the same quandary. Why?

Why vote for the guy who got us into a quagmire of death and destruction in Iraq? Why vote for a leader who lamely excuses the whole fiasco by saying that the intelligence was wrong?

Now, unfortunately, we get the same guy again. He is not my idea of a change leader.

I wonder if he will take note of the number of voters who went for Kerry. And why they voted for a change.


Sherry said…
It doesn't look like Bush is going to take note of the number of voters who went for Kerry - he says he has a mandate for his policies.

I've started a blog called 2004 and Beyond (or 2004+)+ you might be interested in looking at.

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