most God-awfullest mismanagement ever

In the Star-Ledger newspaper, an economist for the New Jersey BPU said, "This was the most God-awfullest mismanagement of a company that I think we've ever seen in this state."

He was talking about my company, which was sold last week to another company.

The old regime is no more, gone with the winds of change. Like a bad memory, though, it lingers on.

The new owners rode into town last week. They came in hard, terminating most of the remaining managers, and putting their own people into leadership positions.

From a change management standpoint, it was probably an effective strategy. Take out all vestiges of the old. Destabilize the folks who remained. Start fresh.

Many years ago, the great Kurt Lewin developed a model of change that said you must first "unfreeze" the status quo. A sure method of unfreezing is the application of heat.


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