Performance Appraisal

Right now, a noted HR consultant is running a most curious contest: "Enter The Performance Appraisal Worst or Funniest Experiences Contest."

He asks, "Do you have a performance appraisal horror story? A great example of a completely hopeless example of how appraisals should NOT work? Funny appraisal stories? Now's your chance to share your experiences with others, and win . . . prizes."

I don't know about you, but my personal experience with appraisals has been anything but fun.

Although I well understand the reasons for performance appraisal, my experience (as both an appraiser and an appraisee) has ranged from annoyance to dread to horror. At no time have I had an experience of performance appraisal that could be called funny.

Unless, if by "funny," you mean strange.

When I was a kid, I learned to differentiate between two kinds of funny:

1) Funny = haha

2) Funny = strange

Appraisal, like other aspects of organizational life, would definitely fall into category two. Here we find the stuff that Dilbert is made of.


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