STEPS to Training

I'm in the business of training folks in the workplace, helping them learn stuff that they need to know in order to do their jobs and perform well against the many challenges they face.

The other day, someone asked me, "When you are contacted by a client with a purported training issue, what steps do you follow?"

What do I do?

S - Stop what I'm doing so that I can attend to them or Schedule a
meeting with them so that I can attend to them.

T - Take time to listen. Tell the client what I need from them.
Teach by my example.

E - Examine the data related to the client's need. Educate myself
about the client's business.

P - Push back on the client if I think there is reason to. Plan an
approach. Propose the plan to the client.

S - Stay open. Stay loose. See how it goes.

BTW: I enjoy playing with acronyms.


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