Cultural Creatives

I just learned about a concept called "cultural creatives." It's a phrase coined by sociologists Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson.

At one of the websites on this subject, there is a little quiz to see if you are a cultural creative. My wife and I each took the quiz and, sure enough, we qualify!

I guess this explains, to some extent, why we sometimes feel like weirdos to our friends who fall into either the Traditional or Modern camps.

In the business world where I work, I don't run into a lot of cc's, though maybe they are wearing "masks" in order to fit in better. Every once in a blue moon, I'll encounter someone who likes theater, who cooks, who writes poetry, who is into spirituality, who votes independently, or who cares passionately about social justice or the environment.

Where I run into a lot more cc's is at church. It's a Roman Catholic parish, but don't be fooled: we pray and focus on the spiritual in all that we do; we have a liberal pastor; women (including my wife) are in many leadership roles; we host Voice of the Faithful meetings; and we question everything and seek the guidance of the Spirit in our decisions! I serve on several committees there including social justice and community life.

It's such a pleasure, after a day at the office, to join in church meetings and events where the values of cultural creatives are flourishing.


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