"I'm Still Here"

This morning, as I arrived to work, the guy that delivers the inter-office mail said, "I'm still here!"

That's what people say here these days, as the terminations continue in the aftermath of being acquired. I'm still here.

I use that saying myself from time to time. Is that what soldiers say to one another on a battlefield after a fierce firefight?

The new corporate parent has very emphatically stated values, including ones about people. They sound good. But in my part of the company, the lurking fear is that another round of firing could occur any second.


Anonymous said…
What you said strikes a core with me. As an OD person, I am keenly aware that our field espouses a value that is no longer practiced in the real world. Human beings are "used" as expendible parts that could be ejected out of the company without ceremony. While some of the CEOs who shake and destruct people's lifes and corporate wealth get a big fat check for send-off. All are done in the name of shareholders' value. One's worth and treatment in this industrial complex depend on which end of the stick that you find yourself at.
Terrence Seamon said…
Well said, Anonymous. I enjoy your use of language especially "strikes a core." As in core values, perhaps?

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