Time for a New Pope to Push for Change?

I just read a news item at Yahoo that an AP poll found that 60% of Catholic Americans want the next pope to push for change in two areas: permit priests to marry and permit women to become priests.

As much as I agree with the need for both of those changes, the next pope has to push for change in even more important areas, two of which are peace and hunger.

In the area of peace, the world needs to stop the bloodshed. The new pope can help by carrying on the work of Pope John Paul II. Seek justice and build bridges between warring parties.

In the area of hunger, the wealthiest countries of the world must meet in a global summit on ending hunger. We can do it, if only we can find the will. The new pope can be a voice for the poor, speaking prophetically about our collective accountability in this matter.

As Gandhi once said, We must be the change we wish to see in the world.


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