The Nine Steps to Successful Organization Development - Part 3

The field of organization development is full of fascinating theories and models. Talking with an OD guru can be a mind-expanding experience.

At ground level, however, the everyday customers of OD, my "clients," are seldom interested in theoretical models. They have work to do and want to get on with it.

Step 3 - Shall We Dance?

A successful OD professional, therefore, should really be (and think of him or herself as) a practitioner. At the practice level, there are a host of skills that need to be developed and refined for everyday dealings with clients, including:

- contracting (with the client)
- assessing (the client's "problem," challenge, situation)
- diagnosing (the root causes)
- intervening (using appropriate methods)
- evaluating (the effectiveness of the actions taken)
- giving feedback (to the client)
- coaching (the client in order to help him or her to be more effective)

- collaborating (with the client)
- negotiating (with the client on issues such as deliverables, deadlines, alternatives)
- refusing (to do things the client wants you to do, that you believe are wrong)
- offering alternatives (to provide the client with choice)

On this last point, I believe that a really good OD practitioner is sometimes difficult.


regina said…
One other thing that an od person is is a good DESIGNER!! (interventions, meetings, events, conversations, interactions, trainings, systems, processes....)
Terrence Seamon said…
Yes, good addition, Regina. And another is facilitating.

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