The Nine Steps to Successful Organization Development - Pausing on the Steps

Before continuing on to Step 6, an interlude.

Since embarking on this series about OD, I am somewhat amazed (and pleased) at the feedback I have gotten so far. It has come from far and wide, including a CEO and another blogger in India!

Today, some comments rolled in from Jay, a friend of mine who found my blog and wrote me an e-mail. In part, he wrote:

"The humanness that you write about seems pretty interesting. How does human motivation fit into this? How about human behavior? It seems like humanness conceptualizes more than human nature ... perhaps humanness is human being (about being human).

"Is it fair to say that OD is fundamentally about helping people to know what they're doing and why? And/or that OD is about human relationships ... knowing what one is doing and why with respect to other(s)? It sounds like OD could be measured simply by asking people if they know and understand how they fit within the organization.

"You write that successful OD starts and ends with strategic thinking. Are you implying that OD is a process? Is there a middle in OD between the starts and ends?"

What a great response!

Yes, OD is about being human, about relationships, and about helping people.

Yes, OD is about knowing what you are doing and why.

Yes, OD is a process.

All this and a great deal more.


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