The Nine Steps to Successful Organization Development - Step 9

I knew when I started this nine-part series that the number 9 was an artificial thing. Truth is, success in OD probably entails 99 steps or 999 steps.

What matters most, I think, is to keep moving. The journey to being a successful OD practitioner is never-ending.

And the most important tool for the journey is learning.

Step 9 - Here We Are. Now What?

I am learning all the time:

- from my experiences
- from the people I meet, at work, at home, and elsewhere
- from reading
- from coursework
- from networking
- from online communities

Plus, I am learning from my experiments, from the risks I take, from the things I push myself to do that take me out of my comfort zone.

An example would be online tools for collaboration. I am not a technogeek. I can turn on my PC, use Outlook and Powerpoint, and do a search on Google, but that's about it for my level of proficiency. But despite my level of IT literacy, I have plunged into the world of netmeeting, social networks, discussion boards, blogging, and wikis. By shoving myself into this arena, not only have I learned something new, I have a better idea of how these tools can benefit the organizational clients I work with.

The successful OD practitioner is all about learning: their own learning, and the organizational learning that is vital to the health and success of their clients.

Where to from here?


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