Blogging: Good Idea or Playing With Fire?

As blogging proliferates, so too does concern about the hazards. HR people are seeking sample anti-blogging policies. In the case of employees who blog in parallel to their corporate lives, there is the risk of displeasing one's employer.

Although I never bad-mouth my employer in my blog entries, I am one of those who is running that risk. As an OD guy, I often write about the challenges I encounter in my work, e.g. leadership, coaching, and managing organizational change.

Blogs are just the latest current in an old stream. Even before blogs appeared, I was (and still am) an active contributor to a number of online discussion boards like trdev, hrnet, and odnet.

Some bloggers use protection by keeping their identity fuzzy. Rather than use a cute pseudonym, I use my real name. Usually I end my entries with the following signature:


Terrence Seamon, OD Guy & Transitionist
AGL Elizabethtown Gas
Union, NJ

Contributing-author of the new edition of Practicing Organization
Development: A Guide for Consultants, edited by Rothwell & Sullivan

Will blogging be a habit, like smoking, that kills me? Only time will tell.


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