Getting More Strategic

The recent Fast Company article about HR ("Why We Hate HR" in the August 2005 issue) has sparked some lively exchanges about what HR can do to improve its image and effectiveness.

This is nothing new, however. For a long time, HR departments have been wrestling with how to get more respect and how to "get a seat at the table" with the CEO and the senior team.

One of the elements in the transformation of HR from a back-office admin function to a true business advisor is becoming "more strategic." But what does "more strategic" really mean?

There is no pat answer. You have to start reading and studying in the field of strategic thinking. One author to check out in this regard is Ram Charan.

Other thought leaders in this regard are Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad. Their work on the "core competencies" of the organization is a key concept for HR folk to ponder.

A consultant and author who has focused on HR is Dave Ulrich. He has written a number of books, his latest being The HR Value Proposition.

Also take a look at the work from Michael Lombardo, Bob Eichinger and James Heskett.

Here is an interesting breakdown of strategic thinking/planning.

The Human Resources Planning Society has identified five areas of focus for HR professionals to become more strategic.


George said…
Thanks for the temperate, helpful response to FC's provocative sputtering.

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