Dissociative Leadership

I don't really know what to call this.

In an AP story about the Supreme Court hearings, nominee John Roberts (who is Catholic) said that his religious beliefs will not intefere with his ability to judge the law. Here's an exerpt from the news report:

"Over and over, he assured lawmakers his rulings would be guided by his understanding of the facts of cases, the law and the Constitution, not by his personal views.

"My faith and my religious beliefs do not play a role," added Roberts, who is Catholic.

"I will be my own man," he said later."

Does this bother anybody else but me? How can a person dissociate himself from his faith?

Isn't faith a deep and integral part of the Self? A moral compass that guides a person toward a spiritual north? A foundation for living in peace with others?

I know that Roberts is not the first Catholic in public political life who has dissociated his faith. Mario Cuomo and JF Kennedy preceded him.

But I must say this smells very bad to me.


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