Emergent Organizations

A few months back, Gautam Ghosh had a posting about emergent organizations where he mused about film crews. He (and several other who added comments) wondered if film crews represent a form of organizing (i.e. emergent, temporary, self-organizing) that we will see more of in the future.

I would think so. Having smaller and more variable organizational structures seems advantageous in today's business world.

As a movie buff, film crews are interesting to me. In addition to being temporary organizations, film crews are also comprised of technicians and experts from many crafts (e.g. carpentry, costuming, lighting, make-up, hair dressing, cinematography, etc.), all ready to do their thing. They are highly motivated people. Their goal is to make a movie. What they need is direction.

An interesting case study in this area is a recent film called Lost in La Mancha, about director Terry Gilliam's doomed effort to make a movie about Don Quixote.

The film crew was ready, willing, and able to make a movie. They were undone, however, by forces beyond their control.


Gautam Ghosh said…
I agree terrence

and interestingly the outcome of the film crew is not a tangible product but a set of experiences for the people who watch them...!

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