It's All About Talent

In this change-filled era of outsourcing, off-shoring, and rightsizing, many in HR and OD are groping toward a sense of identity and purpose. Although there are many stakeholders to satisfy, there is a clear trail of bread-crumbs to follow. In a nutshell, it's all about talent.

The Top Dog (TD), whether he or she realizes it or not, needs a flow of Talent into the organization in order to be successful. Who will design and own the process to attract and hire this Talent?

The Managers need to utilize and develop that Talent continuously in order to deliver the results they are accountable for. Who will design and own the processes to support managerial effectiveness?

The Talent (i.e. the Employees) need to perform and deliver on what is expected of them. They do so by applying their skills to their tasks, and by acquiring other skills along the way. Who will design and own the processes for performance management and employee development?

Is there a clear role for HR and OD? You bet there is.


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