80% of Success...

There's a line in a Woody Allen movie that says, "80% of success is showing up."

Years ago, I was impressed by that line. So much so, that over the years I would repeat it, trying to be helpful to others, particularly in job search conversations.

Now I realize that it's not really totally true.

At Mass this morning, my pastor Fr. Doug gave a homily on the Gospel about the ill-dressed wedding guest (Matthew 22:1-14) who was thrown out of the banquet hall. The problem with the guest, according to Fr. Doug, was not showing up. It was that the guest had not dressed appropriately for the feast.

Fr. Doug explained that the guest, in not dressing properly, had dishonored the king (God) who was throwing the wedding party (the Kingdom) for his son (Jesus).

Opening up the metaphor in Matthew's Gospel, Fr. Doug encouraged us to connect this symbolic parable to our own lives today. Where in our lives do we simply "show up?" Expecting to be handed champagne? When, if we were more self-aware and honest, we would recognize that we had not properly prepared ourselves for the feast?

Yes, you do need to show up, to be there.

But you also need to be ready. If you show up unprepared, you won't be able to recognize opportunity should it appear, let alone take advantage of it.


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