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As I gaze out my window this morning in rainy central New Jersey, I notice how green it is, despite it being October already. Instead of leaves falling, there are tomatoes ripening in my garden. After the hot summer we had, where the grass turned brown and crunchy, it's nice to see green.

Coincidentally, a blog entry by Don Blohowiak got me started toward a new paradigm for managing human resources in organizations, one based on a different set of values and principles than the one typically found. Let's call it the Gardener's model.

Typically in organizations, when we have problems with the lettuce, er I mean the employee, we attack the problem, i.e. the person.

Seldom do we consider the soil, the sunlight, the watering, whether other pests are in the garden, etc.

The Gardener’s Model of managing human resources would be a systems model. It would say that to get a good crop (i.e., a well-functioning workforce), you need to tend carefully to the whole gardening process.

This includes:

- Selecting seeds carefully (employee selection)

- Enriching the soil (e.g., workplace relationships, training)

- Ensuring sunlight & proper watering (e.g., organizational communications, employee engagement, wellness, etc.)

- Weeding & Getting rid of pests (e.g., courageous HR and supervisory management, safety, etc.)


regina said…
Yes, it was a good post by Don and I like the way you used the metaphor. Can't believe the rain here!
Terrence said…
Yes. Wet. Very wet.

Maybe the three of us (plus others?) should put our heads together on new/different metaphors for managing.


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