Isolating the Effects of Training?

Some of my esteemed colleagues in the field of Training & Employee Development are very concerned about measurement and ROI. Very important things, I'll admit.

While reading a thread (at ROInet) about isolating the effects of training from other factors that might influence performance, a mischievous thought came to me.

Playfully considering the words "isolating the effects of training," it occurs to me that there is an implied metaphor lurking underneath, that of contagion containment. Like quarantining a flu outbreak to isolate its reach.

What if we practitioners in T & D (or HRD or OD) did just the opposite? What if we did not isolate the effects of training? What if we looked to spread the effects of training? By design.

For example, if we found ways to help our salespeople to be more effective, why wouldn't we think about applying our success to say customer service? to operations? to R & D?

Just a thought.


Amoranthus said…
I read the same thread. I've got to admit I was surprised at the phrasing, "isolating the effects of training." -- It sounds a little like they're afraid of some sort of epidemic getting started!

They're probably right, you know? If the effective ROI of training as a management tool, HR tool, and customer training tool were to become known, it'd leave a lot of people wondering why they had a job.

I'm sorry to hear about your retrenchment. I'm starting a small custom training -- I call it 'Relevant Training.' company in Melbourne, Australia. Nothing fancy, just a me, myself and I operation with a few corporate training colleagues.
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