Peeling the Onion

A metaphor that I like, that I have used quite a bit in my practice over the years, is "peeling the onion."

In Organization Development work, peeling the onion means looking deeper. Not accepting a problem definition at face value. Peeling the onion is a search for underlying causes.

Peeling the onion is a learning process. A discovery process. It involves gently peeling layers of data, layers of interpretation, layers of emotion, layers of meaning. Asking "Why?" and "What do you mean?" and "What else?" persistently.

Peeling the onion also means discovering things about yourself. It means being honest with yourself and going deeper.

When I have peeled the onion of my Self, I can reach greater self-awareness. Greater self-acceptance. And greater personal effectiveness.


Eve said…
I was looking for the real meaning of this metaphore, and google led me here. thx for the help :) !
Terrence said…
Hey Eve

Welcome! Glad that google led you here.

One my latest blog entries (the one on "smart tables") was inspired while my wife and I had dinner at our favorite Lebanese restaurant, Evelyn's. If you are ever in New Jersey, you should try to stop by there.

I also have some Lebanese friends, the Barrood family. Do you know the name? They are very prominent in my town, New Brunswick, NJ.

Anyhow, keep on blogging!


Gabriel said…
For what it's worth, have always found this metaphor somewhat illogical, if not fatuous.

The layers of an onion (when it's fresh, at least) are very similar, thus surely the image doesn't convey the concept attributed to it.
Denise said…
Nicely stated. Thanks.
Leslie Lim said…
This is really interesting and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it a lot. Please do more blogs in the future. Thank you and God bless to the blogger!


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