You Cannot NOT Communicate…

Whatever an organization's chief reason for being, all organizations communicate.

Internally, the levels, members and groups communicate with one another, and the organization communicates externally with other organizations in its environment.

Whether intended or not, this communication is constant because "You cannot NOT communicate."

There are a host of implications for Organization Development practitioners, including helping leaders in organizations to:

- understand the importance of communication

- become more intentional about communicating

- recognize mixed messages they may be sending

- become more aware of the effects of stifling the free flow of information in the organization

- utilize communication to enhance organizational performance

By the way, I stay away from the term "communications," preferring instead the term communication (singular).

(Why do people add s's to words when there is no need? I can't tell you how many have called me Terry Seamons.)

For me, communication in organizations is far from an ill-defined construct. I see it as behavioral, day in and day out. It can be improved, if the client wants to.


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