Finding Creatives

The topic of creativity is one of my passions. What is creativity? Can it be developed? Who is creative?

I had an interesting experience the other day. As you may know, I was downsized and am now job hunting full time. A large part of the job hunt is networking.

At a networking meeting here in central New Jersey, a big group (close to thirty job hunters) assembled in a warm multipurpose room at a peaceful church for a Saturday morning session. We sat in a big circle and the facilitators opened by asking us to introduce ourselves.

As we each took turns, there were finance people, IT people, marketing people, scientific people...the whole spectrum of business life.

Then a balding middle-aged fellow (not me ;)), a graphic arts guy, stood up and said, "Hi. I guess I'm the only creative in the room this morning."

Well, to the speaker's surprise, the rest of the room erupted in a friendly uproar. The other attendees called out "Whaddaya mean we aren't creative?"

The speaker blushed and said that he had mis-spoken and that we had misunderstood him.

To me it was a moment of insight that said, Don't be fooled by appearances or job titles or even by career paths. There are creatives in all walks of life.


Gary Haslam said…
Hi Terry - thanks for such an interesting post.
It's a funny thing about the identity we create for ourselves. We all have a view what's us and what's not us. We all also give meaning to labels in different ways.

Seems like the guys in the room spoke the same language but had different meanings for the word creative.

Similarly for someone to imply that you're not something (i.e I guess I'm the only creative) without permission or enough rapport to do so....... Not a likely recipe for a warm reception 8-)

Know what I mean ;-)

Terrence said…
You raise some interesting points about creativity, including that people have differing meanings for the word "creative."

This is one reason why creativity is such a fascinating thing.

Thanks for stopping by!


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