Finding My Genius

Consultant Don Blohowiak has an interview with Dick Richards, author of Is Your Genius At Work?, available as a podcast.

Just finished listening to it. Great podcast! Thanks for the early Christmas gift, Don.

Coincidentally, when the podcast ended, the iTunes player on my laptop went directly into "Touch Me" by the Doors.

"Can't you see that I am not afraid.
What was that promise that you made?"

Not sure what the connection is, or even what the Doors meant in this song, but it has always been a favorite.


Dick Richards said…
Now you've done it! I've got the Doors in my head and they won't quit jammin'. If you ever figure out the meaning of that lyric or what it has to do with you, please, please, tell us. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to unplug my mind.
Terrence said…
Hey Dick

Good to see you at my blog. Welcome.

I am working through your book right now. At this point, several phrases are bubbling up, my favorite being:

~ facilitating discovery of wisdom

On our walk this morning, my wife and I had fun with your exercise on Refuting Your Disrepute.

Thanks for the great guide.

Dick Richards said…
Glad to hear about the "bubbling up" but I don't yet hear the energy that goes with an Aha! You might ask yourself, "What is the underlying process in "facilitating discovery"?

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