Meetings With Remarkable Men

I know that was the title of a book by the extraordinary mystic George Gurdjieff. But it fits this series of entries about my job search. It feels right . . . to me.

Today, at a diner with the sign EAT, I met with a guy I worked with years ago, and had not seen in over 5 years. He decided to become a consultant in his field, and has been building his business for several years.

I asked him to share his wisdom about going the consulting route vs going back into a corporate role. Here's how he put it:

"Why would you go back into a place that does not value creativity or independent thinking? A place that isn't interested in innovation? A soul-deadening place? A place where the spark of intelligence is quickly extinguished?"

His advice to me: Look into Yourself. Decide what You are about, What You want. And set a Goal.

Before pursuing the consulting path, be sure it's OK with your Family too. They need to support it. And You need to support them.

Start to build a client list, one client at a time.

At the same time, take care of the bills by ensuring a steady income stream from a regular job.

Truly, a meeting with a remarkable man.


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