My Value Proposition

My dream: To have a business of my own centered around helping other people. To be my own boss in a consulting gig where I help people to figure stuff out, to learn, to discover, to improve themselves and their organizations.

My offering: Coaching to Build Successful Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Over the years, I have discovered what I am best at, and what brings me the most joy. It boils down to the essence of the core value proposition that I bring to the party.

1. Creative Envisioning of Possibilities

I love to help others think "What if...?" and "What else...?" and "Why not...?" As a facilitator, I can help others share wisdom, explore alternatives.

2. Empathetic Facilitating, Listening & Synthesizing to Enable Learning

I love to help others to grow and expand their thinking and their capabilities. As a facilitator, I can design and conduct learning experiences that help others reach a new level.

3. Enthusiastic Communicating and Implementing

I love seeing a new idea brought to birth and taught how to walk, then run. As a facilitator, I can help others to launch something new and guide it toward success.

Can a business be built on this?


Gautam Ghosh said…
i am sure it can be !

Best of luck !
Terrence said…
Hey GG

Thanks for stopping by.

nerio said…
You bet it can....I've been doing so for the last 10 years with almost similar value propositions.
Terrence said…
I'd like to talk with you about how this value proposition has worked for you. If you are agreeable, would you please e-mail me your contact info?
PK said…
Terry, I sincerely hope you succeed. But before you start your new venture, read the Changethis manifesto on dictator bosses. Everyone talks about leadership, but no one wants to talk about the millions of miserable souls who have to work for 'leaders'. If you really want to do something unique, try challenging the status quo of dictatorship orgs.
Terrence said…
Hey PK

Thanks for pointing me to the ChangeThis manifesto on dictator bosses. Very good stuff there.


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