Creativity - Don't Wait. Do Something.

What is your take on the creative process? Is creative inspiration something you wait for like a weather front? Or is creative inspiration akin to priming a pump where the first few tries produce nothing but then a gusher?

For me, creativity is probably all of the above . . . and other as well.

When I was in graduate school, studying creative arts education, I read some interesting stuff on imagination and the creative process. One model that I liked I'll call the "Don't Wait; Do Something" approach which basically said that creativity occurs when we are in motion, when we are taking action.

Rather than waiting for inspiration, go ahead and start writing, painting, walking or whatever it is that gets your juices flowing.

Trust that in the doing, the creative process will kick in.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/12/2005


Nimmy said…
Good post! I agree. It can come both when one waits for something to inspire her/him or when one makes an effort or two and then lets her/his subconcious mind continue running while she/he chills out. The subconcious mind has the habit of springing some pleasant surprises indeed!
Terrence said…
Hey nimmy,
Wecome to my blog.
Ilike that baby picture. Is that you?
Arun said…

Don't wait, do something is indeed a very apt concept for pshing people to try doing something different. I am glad I came by here. Will do so more often.
Terrence said…
Welcome, Arun.
Glad you found my blog.

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