Intelligent Design

Looks like "intelligent design" is out for the count in Dover, Pennsylvania, defeated before a federal judge who declared that such a theory, which posits an unseen creator to explain human existence and development, is not a science and therefore has no place in a public school curriculum.

I'm OK with this ruling. Teach evolution in science class.

The question remains, however, what to do with this notion of intelligent design. Here are some thoughts.

As a spiritual person, I trust that we are part of a bigger universe than what we can apprehend with our senses. That there is a greater purpose to "all of this" than just random mutations.

In the kaballah, there is the teaching that the Creator (the Ein Sof, "without boundaries") breathed and "all of this" came into existence.

There is a morning prayer that says, “Elokai neshama shnasata bi tehorah hi – O God the soul you placed within me is pure. You created it, you fashioned it, you breathed it into me, you safeguard it within me and eventually you will take it from me.”

As a creative person, it feels intuitively right to trust in a creative force that got all of this going. A sustaining force that keeps all of this going somehow, that we can count on, that we can tap into...if we have faith.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/21/2005


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