Is Wikipedia Dangerous?

Wikipedia, the world's first free, user-built, online encyclopedia has had some bad publicity lately. Is it a danger to our society? Are kids, students, and researchers running a risk in using wikipedia articles as sources of information?

I'll admit that I am biased. I have been a wikipedia contributor for years. My topics tend to be in my field of expertise, namely organization development, but I have also started and contributed to articles on film, culture, travel, and local New Jersey history.

I like wikipedia. It's a fun place to write. You "meet" other writers, from all over the world. You can contribute to their articles, and they lend a hand with yours. Like a barn-raising.

Yeah, sometimes your stuff gets vandalized by punks. But usually the wikipedia staff comes along and cleans up the annoying graffiti.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/20/2005


zeevveez said…
I'd like to get your comment as a Wikipedia contributor to the following idea:
In the future I intend to use the power of QTSaver to supply a free service that will use QT/search algorithm to retrieve only Wikipedia results.
It will be a short and condensed version of each Wikipedia article and it will save users time in case Wikipedia retrieve few links for the same query.


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