Job Search Update - Part 2

As of today, my job search is officially two months and ten days old. As the Christmas holidays approach, the question everyone is asking me is: Are you slowing down on your job search?

No. I am continuing to network, reaching out to friends, business associates, former colleagues, and strangers. I am using the outplacement service for coaching. And I am using online networking tools like LinkedIn, Friendster, and Doostang.

As I said in my prior update, I am staying upbeat. Attitude is everything. A long time ago, I learned that a job hunter, like a salesperson, has to be positive.

What helps me maintain an optimistic outlook? First, because I am a veteran job hunter, I know how to do it. Plus I am learning new tricks from some of the job coaches I am encountering, for example Dick Richards (who is teaching me about my genius)and Lloyd Feinstein(who is teaching me to approach the job search like a sales campaign).

Second, I know who I am and what I have to offer. I know I am good at what I do and, despite being "handed my hat" by my former employer, I still have all my skills. I am still intact. I know I will land at some point.

Third, I have a great support system, starting with my wife and sons, who are behind me, rooting for me every day. Beyond that inner circle, there is a wide circle of friends and associates who have stepped up to offer their help and support.

Fourth, I believe in a job hunting principle that says, When you give, you will receive. So whenever I can give another job hunter a helping hand, I do so freely, trusting that each helpful deed, no matter how small, is a deposit in an account that will grow and pay dividends sometime in the future.

As I look forward to Christmas, my favorite time of year, I like to dwell deeply on the meaning of this annual event, the Emmanuel event, the God-with-us sign that reminds us that, even in our darkest moments, we are not alone.


regina said…
appreciate your updates and let's touch base to network. send me an email and let's schedule some time to chat...
Anonymous said…
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