Man, the Hunted Runner

In USA Today, I caught a "science snapshot" article about an anthropologist named Donna Hart who, along with her colleagues from the University of Missouri, has presented an argument about ancient man that says:

"being hunted, rather than hunting, was the daily fare of humanity's ancestors...

"trying not to be eaten played a significant role in human evolution...

"our earliest ancestors probably spent a lot of time evolving into a creature that survived being on the run..."

So basically what Prof. Hart is saying is that our prehistoric grandparents were the lucky ones that were able to procreate before they became dinner for some sabre toothed tigers.

In addition to being fast runners, they must have developed some other survival skills. How else can you explain the fact that we are here having these exchanges?

I would imagine that some other skills arose as a result of being the hunted; for example:

- communication skills (How do we let the tribe know when the tiger is near our cave?)

- collaborative skills (How do we work together more effectively to protect the cave?)

- problem solving skills (How do we make some sort of gate to keep the tigers out of the cave?)

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 12/6/2005


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