The Bathtub, The Bed, and the Bus

Where do most of your creative ideas occur to you? Go get the latest (Jan. 16) issue of TIME magazine for an interview (p. 89) with R. Keith Sawyer on the workings of the creative mind.

In my case, creative ideas come to me mostly:
- in the car
- in the park while walking
- in conversation with other people

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/10/2006


Chris Bailey said…
Ya'know Terrence, I tend to find that my most creative ideas happen when I don't have any way to record them ;) Like the shower (though I'm considering getting a waterproof doodle board) or stop-and-go DC traffice (though I'm considering getting some type of voice recorder).
Terrence said…
Hey Chris

I tried a voice recorder once in my car when I had a long commute, but it was too awkward to fumble with it while trying to operate the car in tricky traffic.

Now if someone were to invent a voice activated recorder.....


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