A ryzer named Bob Jasper sent me this devotional message from The Rev. Dr. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral/Hour of Power fame:

"Today, I want to introduce you to a new word - possibilitizing. It means coming up with solutions where none were apparent; creating a way when there has been no path. This leads to new inventions. Are you faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem? Then possibilitize! Play "the possibility thinking game." It's an incredibly practical and extremely valuable technique for solving rugged problems.

"Make a list of one to ten on a sheet of clean white paper. Now open your mind to God in prayer. Then list every possible way of accomplishing the impossible problem, no matter how wild, how far out, or how preposterous it seems - until all ten lines are filled."

I think this concept can be fruitfully applied to the field of organization development, especially to those "wicked problems" that have no obvious solution.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/27/2006


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