Some Trends for 2006

One of the things I like about this time of year is all the Top Ten lists that come out, some looking back at the prior year, some looking ahead at things to come.

As I think about my field, organization development, and ponder the world around me, a few things come to mind

- Technology: As an OD person, can you spell "wiki" or "blog"? Do you know what they are? Are you blogging yet? Here is one list, looking at trends in organizational learning, with some interesting topics and links.

- Change: Always the sine qua non of OD work, we need to ask ourselves: Are we changing enough? Are we keeping pace? Do we know our competition? Are we partnering with other change agents (e.g. HR, IT)? Do we see the threats and opportunities around us? Are we following Gandhi's maxim, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." in our practice?

- Triple Bottom Line: Although many in business believe that it's all about profits, it isn't. There are three bottom lines, not only one. Yes, Profit. But also People. And Planet. What is OD's role in this stewardship imperative?

- Leadership: As I look around at the world, I see intolerance, violence, disorganization, incompetence, and corruption. And as I look at the state of leadership today, I am not impressed. The good news, however, is that OD people have a great opportunity to impact leadership.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/3/2006


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