The System is Us

Many have wondered why knowledge management solutions have failed to deliver. One of the many problems encountered has to do with motivating and getting people to enter their knowhow into the KM application.

While reading this piece, We Are The Web, by Kevin Kelly, the answer to the KM quandary occured to me.

Here is a tiny bit of what Kelly says: "What we all failed to see was how much of this new world would be manufactured by users, not corporate interests. What a shock, then, to witness the near-instantaneous rise of 50 million blogs, with a new one appearing every two seconds. There—another new blog! One more person doing what AOL and ABC—and almost everyone else—expected only AOL and ABC to be doing. These user-created channels make no sense economically. Where are the time, energy, and resources coming from? The audience."

So, the answer to the KM quagmire? The system is us!

Freely give the knowledge workers the tools at their desktop to publish their own thinking.

Blogs and wikis anyone?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 1/25/2006


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