Be Brief, Baby, Be Brief

A fellow job hunter asked, "How long should a resume be?" This is a classic question. Generally, the answer is no more than two pages. The job hunter countered: "But, with the various jobs I've had, the courses I've taken, and my publications, I've got a four page resume."

Here's the good news: The longer you stick around in your career, the more you bring to the table.

Here's the problem: You dont want to dump it all on the table at once.

Solution: Have multiple versions of your resume, a one-pager, a two-pager, and an expanded version. Typically I will provide the two-pager to recruiters.

Also, have a LinkedIn profile.

Finally, don't overlook the power of the cover letter. You can tailor the message to the job spec and include information about your capabilities that may not appear in the resume.

Many years ago, I learned the maxim Be Brief, Baby, Be Brief . It applies in many areas of life. Especially to the job hunt. Particularly to resumes, elevator speeches, and PAR stories.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/28/2006


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