Don't Sell Yourself Short!

At a blog called How to Save the World, blogger Dave Pollard gives a discourse on discovering your genius, your passion, and your purpose.

Genius - what I'm good at

Passion - what I love doing

Purpose - what there is a great need for

Yesterday someone said to me, "Don't sell yourself short." It was one of those little slap-in-the-face epiphanies.

In the context of job hunting, it is very good advice to not sell yourself short. Job hunting is indeed a sales campaign. You need to know the features and benefits of the product you are selling, namely You. You need to be able to communicate your strengths to others, and relate your capabilities to the needs of hiring managers you will meet.

Find your genius, your passion, and your purpose. "Don't sell yourself short." That was one of my mother's sayings. Along with my personal favorite: "Life is what you make it."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/09/2006


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