Impossible Things

I've always liked this line from Lewis Carroll:

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Last year I attended a leadership training seminar where we were taught the concept of "impossible goals." It was very similar to BHAGs (i.e., "big hairy audacious goals") a term coined by management experts Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, I believe.

What makes an Impossible Goal and why would you want to have one?

Impossible Goals address things that need to be accomplished, but which appear to be out-of-reach for one reason or another. There seem to be too many insurmountable barriers.

An example might be the need to solve hunger and poverty in our world. Most would agree that this needs to be accomplished. Most would also agree that it is seemingly impossible.

So why set such a goal? Won't it be an exercise in frustration?

The reason why we should have such Impossible Goals is that, unless we have them, we won't reach them.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/06/2006


Phil Gerbyshak said…
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Phil Gerbyshak said…
Outstanding post Terrence. Thanks for inspiring me to greatness!
Terrence said…
Hey Phil,
You are most welcome!
I am impressed by your blogs and will stop by soon.

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