Is OD a Laughing Matter?

Came across an Organization Development blog with an entry on humor.

Couple of thoughts:

Being an OD Guy and an active blogger, I have not seen many OD blogs; I'm happy that this blog surfaced. I wonder how many others are out there in the blogosphere?

As for treating humor as a serious matter in OD work, I have my doubts. While I enjoy humor as much as the next person, a project like this worries me. Is this a sign that OD is about to "jump the shark" into irrelevancy? I hope not.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/12/2006


regina said…
scary...maybe if they knew the biz more (as was an earlier post they wrote about) they wouldn't be worried about the humor thing. This is the kind of stuff that gives OD a bad rap. For me, I love that my OD skills complement my many other skills ... I think OD helps you understand organizations and that is what everyone who works in functional areas of an org needs to know. Sometimes as stand alone skills and capabilities and when too many OD hang out together in learning groups you get things like humor projects. I suggest these od people go to other business groups (marketing, finance, reading a balance sheet, project management, etc.) and then come back and discuss their learning and how OD applies to business instead of humor projects.
Terrence said…
I could not agree more, Regina.

Good to hear from you again! Thanks for mentioning my blog at yours

It's not every day that I am described as a blogger who is "on fire."


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