Slow Leadership

In business these days, "slow" is often a dirty word. Talk about slow and you are likely to get run over by the speed freaks.

As a long-time fan of slowing stuff down, I was gratified to come across a blog called Slow Leadership by blogger "Carmine Coyote" (who I suspect is Adrian Savage).

On the side, he lists these Eight Principles of Slow Leadership:

1. Right Tempo

2. Right Attention

3. Right Balance

4. Right Perspective

5. Right Direction

6. Right Relationships

7. Right Enjoyment

8. Right Gratitude

Seems like a thoughtful, considered approach to humane leadership in organizations.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/24/2006


Anonymous said…
Very cool - loved you comment about getting run over by the 'speeed freaks!'. Thanks for the link, i'll check out the other blog too.
Joe Lafferty

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