Snow on the roof

There's an expression about virility in old age that goes something like this: "Though there may be snow on the roof, there is still fire in the furnace."

At a networking meeting this morning, the moderator gave this maxim his own twist by saying that some employers are realizing the value in hiring someone who has a little "snow on the roof," meaning someone who has experience, seasoning, and wisdom.

Many of those in attendance (most were male and over 40) chuckled at the moderator's turn of phrase. One guy, speaking for those of us who are bald, exclaimed, "Hey my roof has been plowed!"

Yet, the message hit home. Maybe there is a niche in this economy for those of us with some "snow on the roof."

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 02/11/2006


Anonymous said…
I think, people with "Snow on the Roof" are very, very important for our economy. And there's only a little time to realize it. Because all the wisdom is going into retirement...
Greetings from Passau, Bavarian
Alexandra Gra├čler
Terrence said…
Hey Alexandra
Good to hear from you again!
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid I'll be long gone before those of us with "snow on the roof" become appreciated by corporate America. If experience was valued and truly considered wisdom, then tell me why business is making all the same mistakes as when I was a pup. Do your children listen to the voice of experience? Doubtful.


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