Blogging and KM

Gautam Ghosh has been invited to speak about using internal blogging to support knowledge management.

This is exciting. I believe that blogging, along with wikis, may be the way to get traction for knowledge management.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 03/07/2006


Martin said…
No comment. Just a couples of questions. Just exactly what is a blog and how would (could) it be used to support knowledge management? Is knowledge management a new name for training & development? What's the difference?
Terrence said…
Hello Martin.

Welcome to my blog. Glad you stopped by.

No, KM is not a new name for T & D. Rather, in my view, both are powerful tools in the service of OD, Organization Development.

A blog (which is a shorthand term for web logs) is a personal website diary. There are millions of them on the internet...and still growing.

I see blogs as tools in KM with great potential. Why? One of the problems that KM initiatives in organizations have run into is motivation: How do you get people to share and put their knowledge into the KM application?

With blogs, the motivation issue is moot because a blog is the personal expression of a user, the blogger.


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