Hidden Talent

This is a true story. My son Dave told it yesterday.

Each year, the Drama teacher at his high school asks parents if they can volunteer some time to help build the sets for the Fall and Spring shows. Last year, hearing that a lighting effect was needed for one scene, a parent stepped forward --let's call him "Joe"-- and said that he is a licensed electrician. Indeed, he rigged up the needed lighting effect in no time.

Later, when the sets were under construction, Joe said that he is a builder and volunteered again. In no time, he had joined the other volunteer carpenters and was hammering away.

During one rehearsal, when Joe noticed that the choreographer was getting frazzled, he said that he had studied dance for many years and would be glad to help her out. Which he did, dancing like a pro!

Then, at a later rehearsal, Joe showed up with a tray of cakes that he had baked as a treat for the cast. He said, "I'm taking a course in baking and I made these for everybody." I asked my son if the cake was any good and he said it was.

So what is the moral of this story? I think that most organizations have such multi-talented and generous people in their midst. The question is: Are they known?

Do our talent management systems recognize such people?

Are they recognized?

Are they utilized?

Are they prized?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 03/20/2006


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