On Waking Up and Letting Go

Last night, I caught a portion of an excellent Wayne Dyer PBS special about inspiration. Though I have been aware of Dyer for eons, I've never sat down to watch him. I'm glad I finally did.

One of his points is based on a poem by the Persian poet Jalalud'din Rumi:

"The morning breeze
has secrets to tell you.
Do not go back to sleep"

Here is a blogger with more detail.

This morning I read a great essay by OD legend Roger Harrison called "A Time For Letting Go"

An excerpt:

"Most of my work since (entering the field of OD) has been animated by three aims:

1.To empower individuals at all levels to contribute their highest talents, to learn, and to make decisions,

2.To assist in the development of common purpose, shared vision, and unity of effort in organizations,

3.To create a climate in organizations for open, cooperative and supportive working relationships."

Also inspiring.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 03/17/2006


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