What is Blogging?

When people find out that I blog, I am often asked, "what is blogging anyhow?"

KM Blogger Nimmy just wrote something that strikes me as a good and interesting definition of some forms of blogging:

"Have been more or less randomly putting up raw stuff that grabbed my attention...with little pieces of my mind added to it... :)"

I like that.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 03/17/2006 (St. Patty's Day!)


Dub Dubs said…
Terrence: Perhaps other people do write "random raw stuff." However, your blog seems to be a whole lot more than "random raw stuff." Thanks for your thoughtful contributions to the blogosphere over time!!!

Terrence said…
Hey Dubs,
Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the compliment!

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