HR, OD and Blogging

Some of us (e.g., Regina, Astha, and Jim) are wondering why HR and OD folk are not taking to blogging.

Here are some possibilities. What do you think is going on?

- HR and OD are generally not early adopters of new technology.

- HR and OD are too busy for blogging.

- HR (and maybe OD) is concerned about the negative implications of blogging.

- OD (and maybe HR) is afraid that blogging is "giving away the store."

Any other thoughts?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 04/29/2006


Astha said…
I think the second (being busy) and the last (giving away the store) would be a good bet.

I would like to add one more: the subject matter of the OD specialist- people, potential, growth- makes them a somber lot. They might be curtailed by the thought that their professional face requires a serious demeanor and blogging from that perspective may be seen as a trivial activity, often necessitating both a flair and tolerance for humor.
Terrence said…
I find you characterization of OD people very intriguing: somber, serious, without flair, and little tolerance for humor.

I must be in the wrong field! ;-)

Seriously, the subject matter of OD (people, potential growth) should attract lively, inquisitive, affirming seekers who embrace learning and thrive on risk and experimentation.

Don't you think so?

Dubs said…

I'm not so convinced that HR has not taken to blogging. (Perhaps OD has not) There is a pretty decent presence of recruting, technology, general HR, benefits, employment law, etc... on the blogosphere. My question back to you is if you think other business functions (other than IT maybe) have had significantly better adoption?

Astha said…
Well said Terrence :)
I actually meant that OD professionals might feel the need to portray a serious persona (especially to clients who might be audience), which can considerably curtail the free blogging spirit.I could be wrong!
Terrence said…
You're right. Of the two, HR has embraced blogging. I did a scan this morning (via technorati) of HR-related blogs and there are quite a few out there.

As for OD-related blogs, I'm not seeing much.

Another business function that has taken to blogging is PR. No surprise there, I guess.

Astha said…
It’s just not us who’re wondering. Catch a related blog titled "Sparseness of (sociology and) org theory blogs" at

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