Managers Failing?

PriceWaterhouse Coopers released the findings of a survey concluding that British managers are failing at training, succession planning and communication.

An excerpt from an artcle at Management Issues:

"British managers are often confused about who should take responsibility for training and development, fail to develop proper succession planning procedures and rely on the corporate "grapevine" for communication, according to a damning new survey. More than half of the companies polled identified learning and development as the key to improving people performance. Yet there was confusion about who should take primary responsibility for this. Almost half the business leaders surveyed believed their line managers did not spend enough time helping to train their people, while just five per cent of chief executives and finance directors saw training as the primary role for their HR function. Almost two-thirds recognised that failure to develop succession planning for senior roles would have a major impact. Yet 22 per cent had done little on this front and a worrying 41 per cent nothing at all, said the PWC survey."

Is this another case of "Don't blame the managers because they don't know how" or is it "Who's on first" confusion because HR's role is unclear?

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 04/10/206


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