The Power of Blogs

Despite the estimate that there are millions of bloggers in the blogosphere, people I meet seem amazed that I blog. Since blogging must therefore be somewhat avant garde, I don't mention it when I am interviewing . . . unless if it seems like it would enhance my value.

Via Regina, came across Jack Morton's newsletter, showcaseing an article on leveraging the power of blogs.

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 04/21/2006


Astha said…
I have recently joined the blogosphere and am curious as to what all motivates people to blog?
Terrence said…
Hello Astha,

Welcome to my blog. Glad you found me!

What motivates me to blog?

It's a way to express my thoughts on topics of interest to me.

It's a way of connecting with people globally.

It's a marketing tool.

It's free.

I like to write.


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