Inspiration and Organization Development

Inspiration: "Breathing in" some stimulating influence such as music, fresh air, a flower garden, or the ideas of another person.

Such inspiration can lead to a new idea of our own. Thus inspired, our creative thinking is stimulated and we have the makings of a breakthrough.

As I write these words, it seems to me that OD work is inspirational. Not in a stereotypical religious sense, though we may sometimes quote an appropriate passage from scripture in our communication with a client.

OD work is inspirational in the sense that we are helping the client to breath in a stimulating influence intended to provoke a different path in thinking.

What a beautiful sunny day in central New Jersey

Posted by Terrence Seamon, 05/04/06


Astha said…
How do you convert your passion for OD into a profession in OD?

This comes from the perspective of a young person trying to figure out what's the best way to move into an OD role? Specially considering the 'how much experience you have' constraint you see around such roles.

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